Prater Wien network is being further developed towards a 5G campus


Vienna, May 1, 2023

Internet access with high data throughput and minimal latency is gaining in importance in the entertainment industry. In order for Prater entrepreneurs to be able to use the same, Prater Wien GmbH has entered into a sales cooperation with the start-up spatially Computing Ecosystem GmbH, which starts in April 2023 and enables bandwidths of up to 10 Gbit/s. Developing a cooperation out of a win-win situation was the focus of considerations for Michael Prohaska. Expanding the existing passive infrastructure in the Prater with the industry knowledge of a partner, including active campus network devices, and thereby enabling new applications, is a sustainable step towards gigabit networking and future-oriented 5G technologies for the entrepreneurs in the Prater. The start-up spatially Computing Ecosystem GmbH provides an IT portfolio for campus networks so that applications from the field of spatial computing can be implemented in modern networks. “From this point of view, the Prater is an ideal pilot project for us to implement the campus network setup as the operator,” says Christian Fritsch, explaining the strategic aspect of this sales cooperation. Alexander Ruthner relies on the possibilities for co-creation of future innovations and highlights an example as follows. “Location-based entertainment is one of the buzzwords in our entertainment industry. Derived from this, there are new connectivity requirements for the network architecture in the edge area, such as 5G services, real-time observability or support for xR applications, which are now being met together.”

Prater Campus Network Photo: From left to right: Mag. Michael Prohaska (MD Prater Wien GmbH), Ing. Christian Fritsch, BA, MA (MD spatially Computing Ecosystem GmbH), Ing. Alexander Ruthner (Authorized Officer Prater Wien GmbH).